One example of usefulness is taking Qubes and turn it into a SmartTV. While 
Qubes isn't designed for this, in this age with screens having microphones and 
webcames, voice control, and what not, I do prefer to simply make sure 
SmartTV's have no internet access, and then install a secure OS like Qubes OS 
on a small computer. This is what I helped do for my friend and why I was 
looking for this command.

Essentially most controls is done with a mouse and a remote keypad. Keyboard is 
kept hidden away unless needed for updates and so on. But the idea is to easy 
put Streaming videos on fullscreen, in order to use Qubes as a secure SmartTV.

The keybind can be useful elsewhere I'm sure, it's just about being creative. 
Also now that I have the command available, I changed it to a more convenient 
key on my own Qubes system now that I had the command available.

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