On Sunday, February 11, 2018 at 11:09:39 AM UTC+1, donoban wrote:
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> Have you tried 'alt+F11' on XFCE?
> It's default hotkey in XFCE for fullscreen and you can modify it using
> configuration editor.
> CKXVORAAn/Y8CO2whwLHDAZhSr/1dPpk4aWvS6elpcEA8eO1ahfPOCLVrchbye0I
> 4BN42XHfUEDfzzquiYu57nO0k6KoNWrvaoe4DlywaQ1ZC38mPEPpu0CGrknxGoLY
> EWMiWHL3pMEflZPzUEJXFYAbgHEsWOyihaLkv8ofKHWxIhnMkTEmqwwxIiW0TCdo
> hFuejDuSTWC4z+aBOwGHOs9y7wlzo4FknJpEL3FOA4A4qDQZmGHzuKjDqi09h1Ac
> anuGOL8Y0eYt/fhJjeOhLsKpv1oaEDDs8pHHted3385U6OSdjlPeVHN4GgAOdNxu
> GcsfMdPWBZgNUj9pZTIJlXOSTlqwpExU/ateBOKMbauATeZ7iGIXO6XsM3kT1Uvw
> ss/AIEQ3qkXlcueOO6XsCpY+AiOmoNJ/p7CVn58TBBW42w/3x4XLXTwLOK8scnLn
> /2Yw/chFWlzLsTozFZC84ARtUHo0Sb3z/FqeQocc+77QCxgNhYfm/WCig6crcCLV
> LFF8n4pZY8mOPQEwEQWjoJADH1mcU0OcJA7cqQkYAms4w8xIcPH4/iIHN3x4FK5j
> BLrornMjWqf+5YD8TAd/OJfB42oY2bWUyWp384i8EBQc1dm/FVQ=
> =7znw

I didn't know alt+f11 could do that too, definitely good to know. 

I've already found a fix btw, I'm not sure if you read my post above or is just 
providing extra info. I apologize if I wrote a bit too much to make it a TL:DR, 
I understand if so. I'll put a TL:DR version below.

(Must be scripted and keybinded to work something else than the terminal).
wmctrl -r :ACTIVE: -b toggle,fullscreen 


(Must be scripted together to chain both commands and keybinded to use on a 
focused window).
xdotool key space+alt
xdotool key f 

Both will do exactly what alt+space+f or alt+f11, but usefulness is that it can 
be keybinded to whichever keybind, in particular useful if not having a 
keyboard available or if seeking easier keybind choices, whatever ones needs 
may be.

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