2017. november 6., hétfő 17:51:43 UTC+1 időpontban Chris Laprise a következőt 
> Mullvad recently added trial Wireguard VPN support, so I wrote a howto 
> for setting it up on Qubes:
> https://github.com/tasket/Qubes-vpn-support/wiki/Wireguard-VPN-connections-in-Qubes-OS
> This is Debian-oriented but easy to adapt for Fedora.
> -- 
> Chris Laprise, tas...@posteo.net
> https://github.com/tasket
> https://twitter.com/ttaskett
> PGP: BEE2 20C5 356E 764A 73EB  4AB3 1DC4 D106 F07F 1886

Hey! I also tried your method but can't get it to work. Dkms just can't build 
wireguard.ko neither on 3.2 nor 4.0rc4. Tried debian8/9, fedora25/26. Should I 
use a baremetal machine with the same kernel stuff and copy wireguard.ko into 
the vm? Is there any new information here on wireguard? Thanks!

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