On Friday, February 23, 2018 at 11:32:17 AM UTC-5, Kelly Dean wrote:
> awokd writes:
> > I wonder if this might be related to a recent patch in testing. Are both
> > your dom0 and templates on the same repository (current vs. testing) and
> > updated? A recent patch also required a reboot once both were updated.
> Both on current, and both updated, and rebooted since last update.
> Anyway, problem solved. I plugged the USB device into a different port, and 
> it worked (I got xvdi in the appVM). Then I detached and moved it back to the 
> port where I was having the problem, and this time it worked there too. 
> Aargh, heisenbug.

That almost sounds like a bug with the usb controller reset device or something 
to that effect.  I assume both usb ports are on the same controller.

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