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> On 6 Mar 2018, at 01:28, Andrew David Wong <> wrote:
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> On 2018-03-05 16:28, Alex Dubois wrote:
>>> On 5 Mar 2018, at 21:07, 799 <> wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>>>>> On Sun, March 4, 2018 8:04 pm, 799 wrote: Can't we just 
>>>>>> create a new "community" repo where Pull request get 
>>>>>> reviewed by us but finally approved by more experienced 
>>>>>> Power Users (this group can include Qubes OS Team, but also
>>>>>> experienced community members selected by the Qubes 
>>>>>> Team/David)?
>>>>> On 4 Mar 2018, at 21:44, awokd <> wrote: I
>>>>> wouldn't mind helping out on reviews on something like this,
>>>>> as well as contributing my own half-baked ideas.
>>>> On 5 March 2018 at 08:57, Alex Dubois <> 
>>>> wrote: True we could have sandbox per person, or each person 
>>>> fork (the fork) and we have a page with list of forks Once idea
>>>> is ready, do a PR to the community fork...
>>>> This is the spirit of git
>>> can't we just start to fork qubes-doc to qubes-community-doc and
>>> start there. If we think we need to rearrange the content or get
>>> rid of it, because it just doesn't make sense, we can still do 
>>> so.
>>> In the main qubes-doc repository it seems that some skilled users
>>> are able to approve Pull Requests, I don't know enough about
>>> github how this works? Are those special permissions for trusted
>>> users or can it be anyone? I would like to see Andrew David Wong
>>> or marmarek as power users supporting this - by at least maybe
>>> giving feedback. If there are any other skilled persons which are
>>> happy to gibr feedback to improve the scripts which are collected
>>> there, this is even better - just mentioned those two as they
>>> were super helpfull when I wrote my first Qubes Docs hey, ho -
>>> let's go.
>> Give David a bit of time. His schedule might be busy, he may need 
>> to sync with a number of other persons, they may discuss what’s 
>> best. There is no rush. He is doing a great work as community 
>> manager.
> Thanks. :}
> Currently, qubes-doc PRs have to be approved by a member of the Qubes
> team before being merged into the master branch, which is the live
> version. (Usually, I'm the one who does the merge. In those cases, if
> you don't see explicit approval from another member of the team, it
> just means that I'm the one who has reviewed and approved the PR.)
> This system is great for maintaining high standards of security (as a
> first priority) and quality (as a second priority) for the docs.
> However, it's very time-consuming, since (at least) one of us has to
> review every single PR that gets merged (as well as many of those that
> ultimately get rejected, which are a small minority).
> Currently, we barely have enough time to keep up with the stream of
> PRs that get submitted to qubes-doc, so it's very unlikely that we'd
> also have time to review or provide substantive feedback on PRs for a
> second, community-run version of qubes-doc that receives even more PRs
> (if I'm understanding the proposal correctly).
> However, I do like the sound of a fully-community-run version that
> serves to collaboratively improve content before it is submitted to
> qubes-doc. Currently, most contributors just submit their work
> directly to qubes-doc, and the quality tends to vary. Perhaps the
> community-run version could be an optional (but recommended,
> especially for first-time contributors) place where work is polished
> up with feedback from the community before it's submitted as a PR to
> qubes-doc to be reviewed by the team. This could make things easier
> for contributors, improve the quality of the docs, and save the team's
> time.
> P.S. - You can call me "Andrew." "David" is my middle name. :)

Oups apologies for some reason David did stick in my mind.

OK let’s starts.

2 options,

It is a new repo in QubesOS project and:
- github allows the QubesOS team to manage with sufficient level of granularity 
the access so community team does not have access to main part (but this is 
error prone from an admin point of view as well as github vuln)
- Qubes team has the resources to manage the access rights (I suspect add a 
number of users (awokd, 799, ivan myself, etc...) as PR approvers for the 
community doc

- it is part of the Qubes project
- it might be easier to generate a web-site or not (do we want that, I think we 

A new project is create (by Andrew?) called Qubes-community

I think 2 is better
- as we may have as repo a fork of Qubes-doc, but we could have Qubes-community 
templates, scripts, ...
- as it protects Qubes’s main project and operations

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> Andrew David Wong (Axon)
> Community Manager, Qubes OS
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> i0ZG6vbFAw0H4/kPzOWz3xxRukbXtOWBL6kx1a8Sj+JZSs5B5mbSGkg5S4vOEXrg
> p+PBzt5jfuwg9ZrJCqBOWy56JfPqpmb37ooqC94oTYeXX2utRFQg8QyA/NRMgduM
> pkRNOVOpO81OIiUYvzM9eY2zYhWa3LUY4x0OdkiO9hcZ7tVQ17iurgBE8KFy6drj
> dKd4nLPiXUMF6mGXt+6fksaKhhSAxyMcWSUb094PXhZjcqiMKEaP+7hd0tZeNSE8
> R/zFQJyd6VPaervecyKvcMw9mXt2Mal/OBRlyMHbJcyNqLpucLs=
> =WFKk

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