I updated BIOS and I can now install Qubes 4.0 in legacy boot, but not under 
UEFI, the installation still freezes the same way there. However, the reboot 
issue persist and I still can't boot into the system even with legacy boot. 

I have followed most of the advice on this page: 
But to no avail. 

Indeed my xen.cfg is empty but when i try populating and then running 
efibootmgr I get an error "EFI variables not supported on this system" since I 
installed in legacy mode. 

I would really love to upgrade to 4.0. I'd never had any issues installing 3.2 
but after almost a week wasted unable to even install and boot, it's getting 
quite frustrating. 

I'd love to hear any additional ideas on how to fix this. 

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