Hello everyone, thank you for your help :)

I'm not having success creating a CentOS 7.6 (x86_64) VM from multiple .vmdk 
files. I've attempted to follow the official Qubes HVM guide and other guides 
on the Internet.

The files:

CentOS 7.x 64-bit-s001.vmdk
CentOS 7.x 64-bit-s002.vmdk
CentOS 7.x 64-bit-s003.vmdk
CentOS 7.x 64-bit-s004.vmdk
CentOS 7.x 64-bit-s005.vmdk
CentOS 7.x 64-bit-s006.vmdk
CentOS 7.x 64-bit-s007.vmdk
CentOS 7.x 64-bit-s008.vmdk
CentOS 7.x 64-bit-s009.vmdk
CentOS 7.x 64-bit-s010.vmdk
CentOS 7.x 64-bit-s011.vmdk
CentOS 7.x 64-bit.nvram
CentOS 7.x 64-bit.vmdk
CentOS 7.x 64-bit.vmsd
CentOS 7.x 64-bit.vmx
CentOS 7.x 64-bit.vmxf

This runs CentOS with a GUI successfully under VirtualBox on Linux.

I have tried these sections of following guide:


Here are steps I'm taking now to provide more information:

# Convert vmdk to raw:
qemu-img convert *.vmdk -O raw image.img

# Qube Manager - Create new Qube
# Name and label: centos
# Type: Standalone qube not based on a template
# Advanced: install system from device

# Start CentOS
qvm-start centos --cdrom=TEMP:/home/user/image.img

# centos window opens with the following output:
SeaBIOS (version ...)
Machine UUID ...
Booting from DVD/CD...
Boot failed: Could not read from CDROM (code 0004)
Booting from Hard Disk...
Boot failed: not a bootable disk

Booting from Floppy...
Bootfailed: could not read the boot disk

No bootable device.

# Trying with hddisk as per:
qvm-start centos --hddisk=TEMP:/home/user/image.img

# F5 and Copying to Dom0 Suggestions also fail:

Could something here be the problem?
qemu-img convert *.vmdk -O raw image.img

I don't know what else to try...

Thanks for your help. :)

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