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> Hi 799,
> just to be clear, my only intention was to help fellow newbie Andreas not to 
> jump on your attempt to help.
>> I am using Coreboot with SeaBIOS as Payload and everything works supernice 
>> and like the best Laptop I have ever had.
> The Thinkpad X230 is a good laptop -- that's why I bought it after all. A 
> solution that asks for opening your laptop case with a screwdriver and a 
> connect a  hardware IC flasher to the motherboard is just not practical for 
> everyone. I might try some time in the future, though ;)
It is very easy to do - just buy a USB CH341A plus the correct SOIC8
clip with a cable and make sure it is properly oriented should cost you
around $10-20 for both.
It takes only around 10 minutes to do and I highly recommend it.

I also suggest buying a *20 series non-chiclet keyboard while you are at
it, it is a good mod.

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