On 04/12/2018 08:49 AM, cooloutac wrote:

> In my case I found uefi mode works better for Qubes.   For example using 
> legacy bios mode i have many wake from sleep problems,  such as usb mouse in 
> sys-usb not working after sleep.  system becoming unresponsive.
> Booting in uefi mode I dont' have those problems.  I think eventually we will 
> have no choice but to use uefi cause all hardware will be designed for it.
Commodity hardware in the future will suck and won't allow you to run
your own distro, or even your own programs unless you pay for a
"developer" computer. This is the goal of microsoft.

The future for owner controlled high performance devices is POWER, the
TALOS 2 is now in full production and the benchmarks indicate that it
costs thousands less than an intel/amd system with equivilant performance.

For once we have a unicorn - a libre firmware system that is actually
fast and brand new.
> Unfortunately using uefi mode does not give any security benefits since Qubes 
> doesn't support secure boot
Oh boy here we go again with

Linus describes Secure Boot as being "pushed in your face by people with
an agenda."
Even linus agrees with me that these things aren't happening in a vacuum.

Remember guys if something is truly good it doesn't need to be forced on
you "for your own good"
> or secure flash.
Operating systems should not be modifying EEPROM settings - you are free
to use flashrom to do that yourself if you so desire.

I grow increasingly tired of your uninformed comments.

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