On 10/02/2018 04:53 AM, ben.thomp...@vfemail.net wrote:
> Hi,
> some time ago i discovered qubes, but my laptop did not support it and i
> did not follow the developments.
> Now my old laptop is broken and i am about to buy a new one.

This question has been asked and then answered like 20+ times by me,
twice in the last week.

> I have a few questions:
> How well does passing a dedicated graphics card to a vm work / is gaming
> in a vm feasible or do i still need dual-boot?

Yeah very feasible many people do it including me.

Of course you need the right system you would need an eGPU capable
laptop such as the W520 which you should install an quad core ivy bridge
cpu in so you get pci-e 3.0 for the expresscard slot. As always I
recommend installing coreboot - the ivy/sandy coreboot port has open
cpu/ram init and supports me cleaner to nerf your me (again disabling is

I would probably just pick up a workstation board like the KCMA-D8
though as laptop dgpu gaming needs an external monitor if you want to do
it in a VM.

> Did anyone try a Lenovo Legion Y530 and can me write how well it works
> with qubes? (i would upgrade the ram to 16 or 32 GB)
> (I did not see any entry in the list (https://www.qubes-os.org/hcl/).)
> Best
> ben
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No such thing as a lifetime account FYI, eventually these services get
too top heavy and run out of money.

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