On 10/06/2018 03:07 PM, ben.thomp...@vfemail.net wrote:
> Thanks for your reply.
>>> I have a few questions:
>>> How well does passing a dedicated graphics card to a vm work / is gaming
>>> in a vm feasible or do i still need dual-boot?
>> Yeah very feasible many people do it including me.
> So what games are possible and are you using a windows or linux guest?
> (Sadly there are games not running with wine.)

Windows without networking to avoid the spying features.

There are however a variety of AAA DRM free games that run native on
linux these days.

On my KGPE-D16 I just finished the two wolfenstein games and the new
prey on max settings I have RX580 and 6328 cpu with 14gb ram assigned to
the VM. I suggest purchasing 8gb ecc rdimm sticks as they are the most
affordable per gb if you get one. The KCMA-D8 is also a good choice and
with that you don't have to deal with NUMA issues.

>> Of course you need the right system you would need an eGPU capable
>> laptop such as the W520 which you should install an quad core ivy bridge
>> cpu in so you get pci-e 3.0 for the expresscard slot. As always I
>> recommend installing coreboot - the ivy/sandy coreboot port has open
>> cpu/ram init and supports me cleaner to nerf your me (again disabling is
>> impossible)
> Well the W520 is from 2011 and can't be bought anymore and i don't like
> to buy hardware second hand.

Whats wrong with second hand hardware? You can replace the worn out
parts like the keyboard/armrest/lid very easily to the point where you
couldn't tell the difference between a new and used laptop.

I don't think a circa 2013 cpu is that bad considering what you gain
from using it.

> Also the processor is a bit weaker.

A quad core ivy bridge cpu will be fine I guarantee it.

> I know the problem with new CPUs is a ME which can't be properly
> deactivated anymore (at least as far as i know), but it seems i have to
> accept this, if i want a powerful processor for gaming / work.

No you don't have to.

What do you want to run that couldn't run on an older laptop but could
run on a newer one?

> Hence the W520 is not really an option for me (Although it is the better
> option from a security standpoint).
> So do you have a suggestion for newer hardware in the same price-range?

I don't recommend blatantly insecure hardware which is what new x86 is -
it is all junk. See for instance the recent china spying scandal where
they inserted a backdoor chip on the motherboard and that is probably
just the tip of the iceberg.

The future of real owner controlled, open source firmware, high
performance hardware is non-x86, such as POWER systems like the raptor
talos 2, raptor blackbird, etc. Of course made in usa is a must for
security reasons and the OpenPOWER9 CPU's are made here as well as those
boards. I hope that xen/qubes will soon support POWER - but I argue that
POWER-KVM is more secure than xen on a black box x86 platform.

In terms of gaming you aren't going to get good performance on a laptop
which is why I always suggest obtaining an owner controlled no psp/me
libre-firmware available desktop system board like the KCMA-D8/KGPE-D16
(runs qubes 4.0 great)
plus a g505s for your no psp/me owner controlled laptop which has open
cpu/ram init via coreboot.

For laptop gaming via eGPU you can re-direct the output to the internal
screen if both the iGPU and the eGPU are assigned to the same VM - very
difficult though and of course graphics assignment weakens your security
in a variety of ways so I would simply have a dedicated gaming device if
you can afford it.

Let me know if you find this advice helpful - I am always pleased to
answer the expert questions.

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