On Thursday, January 17, 2019 at 12:20:32 PM UTC-6, R A F wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> I'm trying to find a way to sync firefox bookmarks but I do not want to use 
> firefox account. So my question to all of you is:
> Does anyone knows if there is a possible way to create local account that 
> will be hosted on standalone VM so I could connect all Firefox Apps to 
> connect to that source ans sync bookmarks, plugins, etc. The whole point here 
> is to keep all bookmarks in safe place that same way some people keep their 
> passwords keys etc.
> Maybe if there is no such a solution someone could start new project? I would 
> do that myself, but currently do not have advanced coding skills :-(
> Thanks for all replays 
> BR
> Raf

After re-reading the thread, I realized I was over simplifying your question — 

However, after reading your original question more carefully, I am left 
wondering what exactly it is you wish to accomplish (again, sorry if I am being 

It sounds like you are discussing a single computer running Qubes. It is not 
clear to me whether you want to synchronize bookmarks among instances of 
Firefox running on different appVMs (doing so would appear to compromise 
security as discussed elsewhere) or whether you just want to be able to back-up 
your bookmarks (possibly from multiple appVMs).

Having just recently made the transition to Qubes, I had to migrate my data 
which included my bookmarks. I did not use Firefox's Sync., to do this, but 
simply backed up my bookmarks from my laptop computer. I then transferred the 
backup to my new desktop, Qubes computer. I copied them to the appVMs that I 
would be running Firefox on. After restoring the bookmarks, I deleted any 
non-relevant bookmarks from each appVM. For example, I deleted all but the 
banking/financial bookmarks from the "finances" appVM (and deleted those from 
every other appVM).

I also made sure that remembering history, passwords, etc., was turned off for 
Firefox on every appVM. Also, which probably goes without saying, I turned off 
all reporting back to Mozilla.

I have also decided on my backup strategy being to use Qubes backup to backup 
VMs (including template VMs) to an external USB drive (accepting there may be 
some slight USB-related exposure).

So, the bottom line is, what do you really want to do?

If it is just back-ups, then use either Firefox's bookmarks backup/restore or 
backup the relevant Qubes (or both).

If you really want to synchronize bookmarks among your appVMs, I think you 
would be needlessly jeopardizing your security with no real gain. Personally I 
would recommend against doing this.

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