Le dimanche 27 janvier 2019 à 16:47 +0000, unman a écrit :
> I'd be interested to know what system has been graced with your
> approval.
> If you believe all this, then what makes you think that national
> intelligence agencies haven't infiltrated *bsd, coreboot and any
> other
> system you can name. 
> imo Qubes does a reasonable job of providing a more secure system
> that's usable by ordinary users.

Simply no x86 system is reasonably secure.

> Spreading unfounded allegations is a disservice to the community.

Qubes is interesting because it is trying to answer security needs and
the design is nice. 

But think about Intel ME backdoor. Imagine that any officer with a
signed certificate of Intel can penetrate dom0 in your computer within
seconds and then view your screen, move your mouse and type on your
keyboard. This is reality and Qubes cannot change it.

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