On Thursday, February 21, 2019 at 4:16:52 PM UTC-5, Patrick Schleizer wrote:
> cooloutac:
> > I read that whonix thread.  Still not sure why whonix doesn't have a 
> > canary.  What could it hurt?  Any aspect of the project could be 
> > compromised for any reason.   Thats the same as people saying I have 
> > nothing to hide so why worry.  In the other thread Patrick says US laws 
> > affect all countries.
> > 
> > Patrick banned me from the forums too once a long while ago.  I told him 
> > I'd never post there again and never did. lol.
> "banned" is wrong. Ban referring to a block from posting to Whonix
> forum. That was never the case.
> Reference:
> https://forums.whonix.org/t/forward-and-reverse-dns-dont-match-up/2147

Ok well then I banned myself before flipping out lol.  I'm sure I have more 
threads then that.  

 But I for one wouldn't trust you the same as trusting someone like Marek.  And 
thats what it boils down to.  You are a little too emotional and have multiple 
agendas in your life.  But at least you're not as bad as the subgraph os guy.  
And hey I wouldn't trust me if I was running a project either lol.

Nor would I trust it as much as a project like debian that has so many more 
free software eyes on it.

Everytime I came to you with a problem you had an attitude.  I never 
experienced that on qubes forums.  And  updating whonix is so sketchy and such 
a pain in the ass I gave up on it.  I have no need for it.  I think it creates 
more security problems then it solves in qubes.

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