The reason why I say privacy and anonymity are two diff things.  And way apart 
from security. is For example if I log into a facebook .onion site.  Its still 
my identity.  All that information about you is still being sold to ad 
agencies.  Governments are still watching it.   The only benefit I can see, is 
again,   people hiding their location for fear of their life or imprisonment.

You listed one of the more common Tor benefits in your own paragraph-
many people also use it for every day browsing to avoid most of that
commercial information gathering and resale.

Meanwhile you are taking up bandwidth from people who are fearing for their 
life or imprisonment.  Maybe you're getting someone killed to stick it to the 
ad agencies.   Seems selfish and silly to me, and not a reason to be using tor.

I cannot follow your argument. On the contrary: one cannot well hide
inside a system that contains *only* people who need to hide, right?
Correlations of users and packets are too high and one is immediately
uncovered. This means that a good amount of traffic is literally
*needed* so that some people who rely on it have a chance to disappear
in the haystack ! Using the tor network for standard browsing is
therefore good, and encouraged. It is also encouraged to support the tor
infrastructure (by a donation, for example) :))

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