Jon deps:
On 6/27/19 1:10 AM, Chris wrote:

I tried the Debian template but it still doesn't work. Same symptoms attach

I need some help here. Couldn't find the configuration file mentioned (/var/lib/qubes/servicevms/ is empty) to insert pci_permissive=1. I am not very good with Linux.

You fooled me with the cogent problem description and troubleshooting approach. There's no config. file. Look below "Additional Attach Options" in the link I sent. Use qvm-pci options when you re-attach your NIC to sys-net. However:

I'd find new hardware if it was me.

With the additional info you provided in your other reply of the NIC repeatedly resetting even without sys-net running, I second this. Single port NICs are cheap. If you still want to troubleshoot further, check journalctl and xl dmesg in a dom0 terminal to hopefully see why it's resetting.

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