Den torsdag 27 juni 2019 kl. 10:49:43 UTC-4 skrev
> This takes som explanation. With capita I mean that box that comes up when 
> preforming a registration or setting up a new account at a webbpage. In order 
> to confirm thar youre not a robot and so on. 
> I tried this with my Tor browser and just dont work out. I tried it a number 
> of times an eventually realized that the browser is the problem.
> Why is that and can be don about it
> Thanks for youre time and suport

when registering on new webbpage Its often obligated to confirm that you're not 
a robot. Typically this is done ny klicking on imagrd of busses or what ever. 
Untill there are non left.

I tride doing this with Tor and it just doent work! Dosen any one else has the 
same experience

And what can be done about it 

Im relay puzzled by this!

And woud like to know what youre all make of it 

Best regards  

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