On 3/25/20 9:08 AM, tsc.v...@gmail.com wrote:
Hi - I didn't see my laptop in the list so looked everything up. It
seems the Lenovo Ideapad 131 151KB supports everything but SSD. I assume
I would have to replace my internal hard drive with the SSD since an
external SSD would, I assume, get bottlenecked by any USB connection to
the motherboard. I need Qubes for only a few select simple tasks that
require few resources, so my question is - could I get by under these
conditions or is SSD considered absolutely necessary? Thanks for any advice!

Hi qubes does work without ssd (my first installs did not have one). But
speed, especially booting-times (xen & vm's) are 3-4 times longer. If
you open a temporary vm every minute, that is annoying, but for 'normal'
use no ssd is required to my best knowedge. Just a bit of patience :)

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