> Can someone please tell me if you were able to achieve the following?
> - Have two NICs handling two separate sys-net
> - Behind each sys-net their own firewall
> - behind the firewalls their own set of VMs.

Yes, the machine I am on has this setup.

Both sys-net VMs have a dedicated NIC PCI passed through to them. They
each have a sys-firewall, which each has VMs on it.

I cloned the original sys-net, but if you follow the instructions for
creating a new one, it should work fine.

> I was able to handle the firewall rules and everything else but I cannot make 
> it work to have 2 sys-net each handling a NIC separately. Can someone please 
> tell me step by step how you achieved that?

Try just doing the passthrough first. If you can get the NICS to show up
in `lspci` in the two sys-nets and configure networking so you can ping

Command to attach the NIC: `qvm-pci attach sys-net2 dom0:<PCI-address>`.
PCI-address can be found in the output of `qvm-pci`.

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