On Tue, Jun 23, 2020 at 04:11:56PM +0000, 'Matt Drez' via qubes-users wrote:
> I was trying to move my Qubes to a bigger disk. I used clonezilla to
> clone it. I was able to successfully boot up but Qubes was still
> complaining that my disk is full. For some reason it doesn't want to
> use the free disk space that's available. I have no clue how to
> troubleshoot this. (please see attachment)

i dont fully understand that gparted screenshot, but it looks like
you resized the partition already.

so whats missing is on one of the LVM layers of the stack.

check with "pvs", it should list a /dev/mapper/luks-something.
does that PV have the right PSize of 900+ GB?
if not, google: pvresize

next check with "vgs", it should list a qubes_dom0.
does that vg have the right VSize of 900+ GB?
if not, google: vgextend

next check with "lvs qubes_dom0/pool00".
does that pool lv have the right LSize of 900+GB?
if not, google: resize lvm thin pool

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