I finally got latest version of Qubes installed.  thanks for the 

Yet, I ran through a few updates for Debian, Dom() and Whonix however the 
version displayed did not change.  From reading the documentation,  The 
updater should have updated to Whonix 16, and Fedora 35 or 36 as indicated 
in the version table.  It didn't.  What I am trying to figure out were the 
updates needed or suggested, because, I noticed a setting for whonix 
(safest) was downgraded (to standard).   In essence, I'd like to know how 
to either remove the updates/revert or upgrade to the versions suggested in 
the table?  Is there also a way to set the ethernet/wifi to off, so that I 
must physically turn it on before any connections take place.  I suppose 
the default is ON, however I was just asking. 

Also, I've tried to set up a VM for Zoom with Whonix but the settings 
manager for the VM displays a caution symbol.  I didn't know you couldn't 
use Whonix for the connection.  The settings manager does allow 
sys-firewall.  Furthermore, I am having difficulty installing Zoom on 
Fedora 30.  Would any of you have some suggestions as to how to build a 
Zoom VM or a work around for installing the rpm file.  My background is 
Windows and somehow Fedora is a slight leap of faith.   


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