fredag den 26. juni 2020 kl. 17.06.22 UTC+2 skrev E. Foster:
> None the less, I am still a little worried about what I did during the 
> upgrade process.  Because, I can't seem to have any peripheral programs 
> such libre office or other in an accessible or visible manner.  ( Currently 
> working on the installs).   There are a lot of programs available for quick 
> install but once you believe you installed them.  I can't find them in any 
> drop down menu.  Perhaps, I did something wrong.  

Whatever programs you need in your AppVM's, needs to be installed in your 
template VM's, the AppVM's are based on. Then you have to "refresh" the 
menu, becuase you might not want everything in the menu. That is mentioned 

However, I am still working on the Zoom install, hopefully, I can figure 
> out how to upgrade to fedora 31, ---snip

This might work if you change 30 with 31: or 
follow the guide mentioned earlier:
On Thursday, June 25, 2020 at 6:12:03 PM UTC, 
> fedora 30 is unsupported. 
> you should install fedora 31 or 32 first. 
> <>


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