Thanks for responding,  

Yes you are correct.  I made a visual mistake.  I read through the 
documentation a week or so ago and those were the version numbers I 
retained.  To answer your question:  Install 4.0.3, Debian 10, Fedora30, 
Whonix 15.  

However, as you said, I should upgrade to Fedora 31.  Or my system should 
have upgraded it to Fedora 31.  Other news flash, I did find the error in 
parameters for setting up whonix connections without the signal.  I had to 
match the templates between advanced and basic in the settings for the VM. 

None the less, I am still a little worried about what I did during the 
upgrade process.  Because, I can't seem to have any peripheral programs 
such libre office or other in an accessible or visible manner.  ( Currently 
working on the installs).   There are a lot of programs available for quick 
install but once you believe you installed them.  I can't find them in any 
drop down menu.  Perhaps, I did something wrong.  

However, I am still working on the Zoom install, hopefully, I can figure 
out how to upgrade to fedora 31, Is there a means to check for all internet 
connections such as Netstat, so I can identify the IPs and block all the 

Thanks so much for your suggestions,  

On Thursday, June 25, 2020 at 6:12:03 PM UTC, 
> On Thu, Jun 25, 2020 at 11:03:19AM -0700, E. Foster wrote: 
> > I finally got latest version of Qubes installed.  thanks for the 
> what version is that? 
> > version displayed did not change.  From reading the documentation,  The 
> > updater should have updated to Whonix 16, and Fedora 35 or 36 as 
> indicated 
> what documentation is that? 
> there is no "fedora 35 or 36" yet. 
> those are versions that will be released in 1-2 years. 
> > Fedora 30.  Would any of you have some suggestions as to how to build a 
> fedora 30 is unsupported. 
> you should install fedora 31 or 32 first. 

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