On 6/26/20 9:49 PM, qubes via qubes-users wrote:
On 6/13/20 5:36 PM, pudding wrote:
I updated dom0 from the security-testing repo today due to the new CPU
hardware bug. After finishing update and rebooting my laptop, it is
stuck on the black screen forever, and will not load the LUKS decryption

Same problem on Lenovo t460 but "standard" repo/update.

That is a real problem. I guess it is game over without a backup.

You should be able to get your files off of the disk. I am sure I read a procedure in the documentation to mount the encrypted volume elsewhere to recover your data. I have not checked if it is possible to decrypt the drive while connected elsewhere, whether that is internal or connected externally with USB. Or even booted with live media or something like tinycore.

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