On Sat, Jun 27, 2020 at 01:28:57AM -0700, Frogfessor wrote:
> that it doesn't support virtualization. But, either way, I was planning to 
> just flash it onto a live USB anyways. But, my 64gb USB, which has been 
> formatted to FAT32 and has no filed on it, is said to have only about 900 
> kilobytes of free storage left. When I check in Window's file manager, it 

you can not install qubes to a fat partition.
delete the fat partition to make the space usable for qubes.
you should be able to do that from the installer.

> the USB I would like to download Qubes to is a 64gb SanDisk 3.0. I'm fairly 
> new to Linux 'n all, but please, I've spent 5 days jumping hurdle after 
> hurdle and researching more and more just to get to this point. ANY help 

i would recommend starting with a plain qubes install in this case
instead of some not-recommended "creative" franken-installation.

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