Your errors while insalling could probably result from the UEFI implementation of you Laptop. In the Qubes Documentation under you find more information on this.

Installing on a USB Stick is OK for testing but not a complete real Live System. You normaly can't have a USB-Qube when booting from USB-Stick, if you have more than one physical USB controller you could assign all USB controllers to sys-usb exept of the one that you used to boot. The missing USB qube would only be a problem if BadUSB attacks are in your threadmodel, otherwise you could just ignore it.

And using it on another machine would result in many problems. It would likely not boot, because the boot entry is not set (there is a workaround on this in the uefi-troubleshooting page). And all your AppVMs with a PCI-Device (e.g. sys-net) attached would likely not boot or boot in an unexpected behaviour, because the wrong PCI-Device is assigned to them. This could even result in a crash and reboot, if the wrong PCI-Device is a GPU.

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