On 10/17/20 6:17 PM, Jarrah wrote:

I just tried to install qubes-tunnel in a fedora template and that
also didnt work,

sudo dnf install qubes-repo-contrib && sudo dnf install qubes-tunnel

Try with `dnf install --refresh --enablerepo=qubes-repo-contrib
qubes-tunnel`. It may be that either the new metadata hasn't come down
(happens a lot on Debian, not so much fedora) or the repo isn't enabled
by default in the package.

Thanks for the suggestion, I get pretty much the same kind of error (in the template and in dom0 when trying to install rofi)

bash-5.0# sudo dnf install --refresh --enablerepo=qubes-repo-contrib qubes-tunnel
Error: Unknown repo: 'qubes-repo-contrib'

yet when I installed something (Sakura in this case) it clearly showed it was checking the contrib repo in addition to the other repos?

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