So, I have a XPS13. Unfortunately it comes with an horrid killer AX500 
wireless card that is moreover soldered on the motherboard, so no hope to 
replace it.

The drivers for this wireless card should be shipped with kernel version 

So I followed and gave:

`sudo qubes-dom0-update --enablerepo=qubes-dom0-unstable 

...Which installed kernel 5.10.8. Unfortunately, it appears that the ath11k 
drivers are still missing. Indeed, `modprobe ath11k_pci` says it can't find 
the module.
At the moment, `lspci` in `sys-net` detect my wireless card as `Unassigned 
class [ff00]: Qualcomm Device 1101`
I've spent the whole day trying to understand what to do with scarce 
success, and nearly all solutions involve kernel recompilation. I've never 
attempted that, so any help, or equivalently an idiot-proof guide about how 
to proceed would be super appreciated. :)


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