There is one thread about authy in the mailing list and it is from me.. :(

awokd schrieb am Sonntag, 21. Februar 2021 um 15:24:56 UTC+1:

> Alexander Reseneder:
> > Hello qubes-users,
> > 
> > im a Noob to Linux, but i wanna try it because it seems that it offers
> > great security advantages over a normal "bare metal" System or Windows.
> > 
> > However i have some problems, like setup my network printer properly, i
> Have you seen 
> ?
> > Also i ran into that problem that my Authy client installed over Snap
> > stopped working, terminal prints out that:
> IIRC, both Authy and Snap can be challenging to run under Qubes, but I 
> don't remember what it takes. Think others have managed though. Try 
> searching this mailing list for "Authy"?
> > Also i want to update my old InsydeH20 Bios, because it is the first
> > release version and my PC is from 2016, they were several ME Firewall
> > patches and also drivers for touchpad for linux were delivered etc. etc.
> > and Microcode Update. I tried updating with FreeDOS from SD Card, but it
> > seems that my Bios does nut support booting from SD card. My Bios version
> > is V1.12.... this is the first release..
> Try a USB drive instead, maybe.
> > I have Qubes installed in Legacy Mode. Is it possible to switch it to 
> > mode? Because maybe it will boot much faster? The problem is i cannot 
> turn
> > off Secure Boot in my Bios by default, i am even not able to turn
> > hyperthreading of, because the InsydeH20 stock bios looks like from a
> > Kindergarden.
> Qubes will install itself the same way you booted the install media- 
> legacy in this case. PCs from 2016 have iffy UEFI support, so if you're 
> functioning under Legacy boot now I wouldn't change it. The boot times 
> on both seem roughly equivalent, so that shouldn't be a major reason to 
> switch.
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