Steve Coleman:
I have a somewhat confusing issue with debian-10 updates and would like any
suggestions on where to look.

All my fedora templates update just fine. Dom0 updates but it gives some
errors through the return pipe.

can't get terminal type, defaulting to vt100.
please set the TERM env variable.

I wonder if your Debian template is messed up somehow, and/or your Updatevm (can be determined by looking at qubes-prefs). If you open a regular terminal session on either, do you get that same warning? If so, you could temporarily switch your UpdateVM's template to Fedora and attempt an update. If the issue still occurs and it's with the template itself, there's probably a more subtle fix but I would switch my AppVMs over to Fedora, delete & reinstall a fresh copy of the Debian template, then switch them back.

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