Steve Coleman:

I installed the stock Debian-10 rpm yesterday and it also fails to update
using the default proxy. The whonix templates based on Debian work because
they are using a different update vm.

I really don't have a clue how all the Fedora templates work using the
exact same default update proxy while the Debian ones do not. I have not
made any deliberate custom modifications to any of the update settings, but
something obviously changed.

My suspicion is on the receiving side proxy configuration in sys-firewall
but I don't know how to debug that. With the TERM setting being complained
about I am wondering how this proxy is being launched without a full set of
environment variables. This error text is in red, as coming through the
pipe, so its on the other side, not in the template itself. The update pipe
is not a terminal afaik so I don't know why the proxy would be complaining
it doesn't know the terminal type. But then why does the Fedora update
still work and Debian not using the exact same update gateway. Very odd.

I agree, sounds like something broken in sys-firewall given your other UpdateVM is working. You could change your templates to use the same UpdateVM as Whonix if you wanted to confirm. Otherwise, there's nothing special about the sys-firewall AppVM. If you don't mind recreating any firewall rules, try creating a new AppVM and confirm you don't get that TERM warning at the terminal. Next, change anything that points to sys-firewall for networking to the new one, and make it your new UpdateVM?

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