As some of you may know, months(years?) ago, I've setup a pipeline that is 
automatically PR latest kernels for Qubes OS and more recently, pulseaudio 
headers too. This is done every week.

At some point, I added the build of ISO including kernel-latest for users who 
were having issues with latest hardware. I stopped it quickly because we were 
merging more and more kernel versions thank to the help of automatic PR and 
Qubes point releases.

Due to recent troubles with kernels 5.4.X and 5.10.X, I've decided to add again 
to this weekly pipeline, the build of a fresh Qubes R4.1 ISO. I don't build any 
package or any template. It uses only Qubes OS repositories. The qubes-builder 
conf is: 
 and the kickstart can be found here: 

Please note that, contrary to my first attempt, I don't include kernel-latest kernels. 
It's a standard R4.1 ISO as if Marek would release one. It is built in a dedicated AppVM 
together with Split GPG. The ISOs are signed by "fepitre-bot" 
1C8714D640F30457EC953050656946BA873DDEC1. Some of you already download latest R4.1 devel 
ISOs in openQA but they are not signed and not necessary built in a safe environment 
because it's only for CI purposes. That's a solution between CI ISOs and R4.1 alpha 

That said, the ISO(s) can be found on my self hosted server: 

Best regards,

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