Trying to use the info provided to kick off my own ISO build.
This posted links to does not use the `QubesBuilder` approach, as it 
references stuff apparently checked out to ~/qubes-src, rather than 

Is this different approach to building documented?  What else should  check 
out to ~/qubes-src?  How does this fit into the "Development Workflow"?

Per those docs:

*Qubes is split into a bunch of git repos. This are all contained in the 
qubes-src directory under qubes-builder. Subdirectories there are separate 
components, stored in separate git repositories.*

Just making ~/qubes-src a symbolic link to ~/qubes-builder/qubes-src does 
not fix things as, despite the claim that *this are all contained*  in 
~/qubes-builder/qubes-src, the two new git repos referenced are not 
contained there.

[user@qubes-build qubes-src]$ pwd
[user@qubes-build qubes-src]$ ls qubes-release-configs
ls: cannot access 'qubes-release-configs': No such file or directory
[user@qubes-build qubes-src]$ ls qubes-installer-qubes-os
ls: cannot access 'qubes-installer-qubes-os': No such file or directory
[user@qubes-build qubes-src]$ ls ~/qubes-src
ls: cannot access '/home/user/qubes-src': No such file or directory

On Monday, 22 March 2021 at 09:33:20 UTC+11 Frédéric Pierret wrote:

> Hi,
> As some of you may know, months(years?) ago, I've setup a pipeline that is 
> automatically PR latest kernels for Qubes OS and more recently, pulseaudio 
> headers too. This is done every week.
> At some point, I added the build of ISO including kernel-latest for users 
> who were having issues with latest hardware. I stopped it quickly because 
> we were merging more and more kernel versions thank to the help of 
> automatic PR and Qubes point releases.
> Due to recent troubles with kernels 5.4.X and 5.10.X, I've decided to add 
> again to this weekly pipeline, the build of a fresh Qubes R4.1 ISO. I don't 
> build any package or any template. It uses only Qubes OS repositories. The 
> qubes-builder conf is: 
> and the kickstart can be found here: 
> .
> Please note that, contrary to my first attempt, I don't include 
> kernel-latest kernels. It's a standard R4.1 ISO as if Marek would release 
> one. It is built in a dedicated AppVM together with Split GPG. The ISOs are 
> signed by "fepitre-bot" 1C8714D640F30457EC953050656946BA873DDEC1. Some of 
> you already download latest R4.1 devel ISOs in openQA but they are not 
> signed and not necessary built in a safe environment because it's only for 
> CI purposes. That's a solution between CI ISOs and R4.1 alpha release.
> That said, the ISO(s) can be found on my self hosted server: 
> Best regards,
> Frédéric

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