Am 19.06.21 um 15:00 schrieb Rusty Bird:
>> [disp1]# (somehow decrypt /dev/xvdi, yielding a device /dev/mapper/something)
>> [disp1]# readlink /dev/mapper/something
>> ../dm-0
>>  [dom0]# qvm-block attach --ro disp2 disp1:dm-0
>> [disp2]# (mount /dev/mapper/xvdi)
> Rusty

Dear Rusty Bird,

thank you for your help. I tried to get it done, but there is a problem:

After decryption, my file system presents itself to me as an ordinary directory 
that I find somewhere under /media/xy. The encryption program used works in a 
way that the device in /dev/xvdi is always encrypted. Only what is currently 
accessed in the /media/xy folder is decrypted. Consequently, it does not work 
if I use the following command to create a loop that I then mount in another 
qube, because it will not be decrypted there:

$disp1: sudo losetup -r /dev/loop0 /dev/xvdi

Unfortunately, I have not been able to mount or loop a directory to another 
qube via dom0 and the qvm-block command. I can mount a directory somewhere in 
the same qube using the mount tool, but I cannot make it available to dom0:
sudo mount -r -o bind /media/xy /home/user/xy

How could I solve this? What commands are necessary in disp1?

Best regards
Michael Singer

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