On 7/9/21 12:01 PM, Michael Singer wrote:

After decryption, my file system presents itself to me as an ordinary directory 
that I find somewhere under /media/xy. The encryption program used works in a 
way that the device in /dev/xvdi is always encrypted. Only what is currently 
accessed in the /media/xy folder is decrypted. Consequently, it does not work 
if I use the following command to create a loop that I then mount in another 
qube, because it will not be decrypted there:

$disp1: sudo losetup -r /dev/loop0 /dev/xvdi

Why not

    sudo losetup -r /dev/loop0 /media/xy

?? That is what I do alwys, at works fine.  After that, the widget (for
example) allows to attach /dev/loop0 to other qubes.  Best

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