On 9/1/21 10:54 PM, Mike Keehan wrote:
On 9/1/21 8:29 PM, haaber wrote:
On 9/1/21 7:44 PM, Mike Keehan wrote:
On 9/1/21 1:36 PM, Bernhard wrote:
Hello, I wonder if some of you guys have the bad luck of an i915
graphics card and found some solutions.  For me, no >= 5.4 xen kernel
works (freezes). So I still run it on 4.19 :)

I think it is the recent i915 driver update that causes the problem.
I had to remove it and download and install the previous version.
then I blacklisted the i915 driver so that dom0 would not update it.

I downloaded the 4.0 Qubes iso and extracted the driver from there, as I
knew it had always worked until the update.

I think there is a way to see what updates Qubes has performed, but I
can't remember how.

The current Intel driver, which does not work for me, is
Just use dnf to uninstall it.

The one I installed using dnf is
and this does work OK.

If you don't blacklist the driver in dnf, it will update it next
time you update dom0.

Wicked! That is very smart, thank you for the lesson! I am fighting
since 7 months with it without having had that simple & brilliant idea
:-)  best, Bernhard

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