12 Eylül 2021 Pazar tarihinde saat 16:23:06 UTC+3 itibarıyla Mustafa Kuscu 
şunları yazdı:

> 12 Eylül 2021 Pazar tarihinde saat 14:51:22 UTC+3 itibarıyla unman şunları 
> yazdı:
>> What was your update? 
> What were the packages you installed? 
> Switched to testing repo and did an update a few weeks ago.
> Clipboard was not working so I uninstalled those packages.
> Now I am on stable repo and did a 'distro-sync' 
> Does this affect all qubes, or specific to some, or a particular 
>> template? 
> fedora-34 and debian-11, which are the only templates that exist on my 
> system
> Do you see the popup when you use Ctrl+Shift+C? 
> Yes

It looks like 

'/etc/qubes-rpc/policy.EvalSimple' file does not exist but is being looked 
up at the time of ctrl+shift+V

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