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>Viktor Ransmayr:
>>      System clock synchronized: no
>>                    NTP service: inactive
>Any idea why this isn't running? If your hardware clock is close enough to the 
>right time, it might not matter, but can't be helping things. It's showing as 
>synchronized & active on my sys-net. I'm running 4.1, but pretty sure it 
>showed the same on 4.0.

Dom0 (timedatctl) doesn't know dom0 has time synchronization, since its 
provided per sys-net by default which is provided as a qubesos service.

You can force time sync once sys-net is network connected by doing the 
following from dom0 Terminal Emulator:
sudo qvm-sync-clock 

Now, sys-net and dom0 are time synced.
Time to restart all qubes:
qvm-shutdown --all --wait

Then all new qubes launched will have dom0 new synced time.

Hope that helps.

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