I have a setup with appVMs that are configured to autostart a subset of
apps when they get fired up - one example is `app-privcom` that runs
`evolution`, `signal-desktop` (from a user level installed flatpak just
in that VM) and `liferea` (also a flatpak) when coming online.

Given the user-level flatpaked nature of some of the apps, the appVMs
themselves have to be maintained (`flatpak update` etc.), which I do
using `salt`. 

As a side effect of the convenient autostarting this results in apps
popping up left and right when my fleet of appVMs is being updated by
`salt` - which is a nuisance.

Can anyone think of a way to circumvent app autostart in the context of
firing up the the appVMs via `salt`?

Thank you for any pointers.

Sincerely, Joh

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