On 6/10/22 23:45, Demi Marie Obenour wrote:
On Fri, Jun 03, 2022 at 04:00:20PM +0200, Qubes OS Users Mailing List wrote:
So, apparently, this is not a sys-firewall, but a clocksync issue. To root
out any causes, I moved the clocksync service to a separate, brand new qube
(named sys-clock). And voila: sys-firewall no longer 'crashes' on resume
from suspend, now it's sys-clock.

The cause is probably somewhere in some logfile, but with the many moving
parts, Qubes really needs a better bugfixing howto. With relatively many
minor bugs like this, bugfixing takes too much time. I don't mind spending
some time fixing bugs, but lately it is really becoming too much, to the
extend that I am considering switching back to an easier regular Linux
distro. I have been a paid Linux sysadmin, no total expert, but that is also
not a requirement to use Qubes. I should be able to diagnose bugs on my own
laptop (and contribute to the project by properly reporting them).

Indeed, you should be able to.  The fact that you cannot is itself a
bug.  Please report it.

To prevent soiling the issues list, and make it a little more actionable, let's first discuss this here.

What I need is a little more help with fixing or adequately diagnosing bugs, as a sysadmin level person, no programmer or Xen or Qubes expert. As said, to be able to fix or report & diagnose bugs and other issues better. For instance, a list of logfiles added to standard fedora by qubes/zen would be helpfull. So just a list, no further explanation of how to use logfiles. I don't have more ideas currently, but there probably are.

What worries me a little bit is that documentation like this might encourage less skilled people to start doing things above their level of ability (although this is also a good start to become more skilled). Like, in the case of logfiles, soiling communication channels with non-relevant information. So it should come with a clear warning.

Suggestions (or critique) welcome.

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