Dear Marek,
kernel testing would be so much easier if the xen.cfg would allow an
option like    default=menuselect
to get a boot menu -- instead of
Maybe such a function exists already? If not that would be a feature

That's the main reason why Qubes 4.1 doesn't use xen.cfg at all. There
is standard grub, where you have menu, editor etc.

Brilliant. And I'd love to re-install 4.1 for that. But the 5.x kernel
on the iso fails either on boot, or at latest while install... is there
a grub on the 4.1-iso as well? (i.e. possibility to manually add a
kernel like 4.19?) If so: is the procedure explained somewhere? 'Cause
grub-hacking is very unpleasant, as well :)   Thank you, Bernhard

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