Cool, thanks for the link to the pull.  My issue isn't editing them so much
(i always have multiple terminals open anyhow with vim under my paws), but
how to refresh the list of marks while qutebrowser is running. In fact, it
would be a great to be able to reload all configs that way, but this is
probably a qtwebengine issue, and not a qutebrowser issue, yes?  Is that
what config-source does, but it just doesn't read quickmarks/bookmarks as
part of the config?

On Fri, Jul 13, 2018 at 8:58 AM Ryan Roden-Corrent <> wrote:

> Hi Bearcat,
> There's a patch under review to merge quickmarks and bookmarks into one
> feature, so you won't have to pick between the two. There's nothing wrong
> with using quickmarks though :)
> I think a :bookmark-edit command would be great though. It has been on my
> radar but since the current PR is already big, I decided not to work in any
> features until that was reviewed.
> See
> - Ryan
> On July 12, 2018 2:34:11 PM PDT, "Bearcat M. Şándor" <
>> wrote:
> >Florian,
> >
> >Is there a way to edit quickmarks within qutebrowser?  The only way
> >i've
> >found is to open the quickmarks file, edit it, save it and then
> >quit/start
> >qutebrowser.  There doesn't seem to be a "reload in place" command that
> >re-reads the quickmarks file.
> >
> >For what it's worth, i'm using quickmarks instead of bookmarks, which
> >may
> >be improper.
> >
> >I realize that you're busy with exams, so whenever you get to this
> >question
> >is fine with me.

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