Makes sense -- I think a bookmark-source command would be useful, though it 
could be part of config-source as well.

Mind opening an issue to request this? Away from my PC right now and I don't 
want this to get lost.
- Ryan

On July 14, 2018 12:57:05 PM PDT, "Bearcat M. Şándor" <> 
>Cool, thanks for the link to the pull.  My issue isn't editing them so
>(i always have multiple terminals open anyhow with vim under my paws),
>how to refresh the list of marks while qutebrowser is running. In fact,
>would be a great to be able to reload all configs that way, but this is
>probably a qtwebengine issue, and not a qutebrowser issue, yes?  Is
>what config-source does, but it just doesn't read quickmarks/bookmarks
>part of the config?
>On Fri, Jul 13, 2018 at 8:58 AM Ryan Roden-Corrent <>
>> Hi Bearcat,
>> There's a patch under review to merge quickmarks and bookmarks into
>> feature, so you won't have to pick between the two. There's nothing
>> with using quickmarks though :)
>> I think a :bookmark-edit command would be great though. It has been
>on my
>> radar but since the current PR is already big, I decided not to work
>in any
>> features until that was reviewed.
>> See
>> - Ryan
>> On July 12, 2018 2:34:11 PM PDT, "Bearcat M. Şándor" <
>>> wrote:
>> >Florian,
>> >
>> >Is there a way to edit quickmarks within qutebrowser?  The only way
>> >i've
>> >found is to open the quickmarks file, edit it, save it and then
>> >quit/start
>> >qutebrowser.  There doesn't seem to be a "reload in place" command
>> >re-reads the quickmarks file.
>> >
>> >For what it's worth, i'm using quickmarks instead of bookmarks,
>> >may
>> >be improper.
>> >
>> >I realize that you're busy with exams, so whenever you get to this
>> >question
>> >is fine with me.

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