Steve writes:

> Greetings,
> Since the latest update settings are not keeping for me. Any changes I
> make revert to their defaults.

There has not been a qutebrowser update recently.

> Also, qutebrowser has been freezing my system (or maybe it is a QT
> update?) forcing a reboot. On occassions when I can pkill qutebrower
> (sometimes have to hard reboot) it revives itself over and over and
> will not quit. Something is not right with this latest update. Any
> ideas where to begin troubleshooting this or are there known issues?

I'm guessing that for some reason, some packaging change in arch added a for you (there was at least one other user that reported this). You
probably want to check if there's a in your config folder. See
(searching for '') for more information.


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