On 2/17/19 1:47 PM, Jay Kamat wrote:
Steve writes:


Since the latest update settings are not keeping for me. Any changes I
make revert to their defaults.
There has not been a qutebrowser update recently.

Also, qutebrowser has been freezing my system (or maybe it is a QT
update?) forcing a reboot. On occassions when I can pkill qutebrower
(sometimes have to hard reboot) it revives itself over and over and
will not quit. Something is not right with this latest update. Any
ideas where to begin troubleshooting this or are there known issues?
I'm guessing that for some reason, some packaging change in arch added a
config.py for you (there was at least one other user that reported this). You
probably want to check if there's a config.py in your config folder. See
(searching for 'config.py') for more information.

Thanks but there is no such file config.py anywhere in my /home directory (or /etc for that matter just in case it might have ended up there). I'm going to look around some and see if QT or Python updates mucked around. Qutebrowser was updated on my system to 1.5.2-4 three days ago but I went away and didn't use the computer until today. Things are misbehaving across the browser including freezes (particularly on brainzilla.com) and settings not keeping. There is no autoconfig.yml at all in ~/.config/qutebrowser/

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