The shift from arco to pizzicato is not something notation programs tend to 
pick up, though it would make sense for some of this to be automated. But in my 
experience it's something that has to go in the same way as dynamics, 
articulations, and expressions. And while we're at it, bowing symbols also 
require this type of hand entry in every program I've encountered.
On the Windows side you've got Sibelius Speaking, which is woefully outdated 
and limited in what it can do, (as well as costing a lot of money for the Jaws 
scripts) and Sibelius Access, which uses an older version of Sibelius but has 
no cost for the scripts and has a lot more flexibility. Some other options, 
like Lillypad and ABC, also can work, but they're not good at importing MIDI 
Nothing is as easy to use on the notation side as QWS for MIDI stuff.

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That's really interesting, but what if, for example, you want one part of your 
song with strings bowed and another part pizzicato, those are two different 
sounds on the keyboard. Also, do you know of any notation software that might 
be as blind accessible and straightforward as QWS is with MIDI? I have 
MuseScore right now but haven't actually created anything with it. I know this 
question isn't about QWS itself, but I'm just wondering.
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