I am trying to change the line type of a density curve, just so that it stands 
out relative to the rest of the density curves that I have on the same plot. 
However, the issue is that when I use the "linetype" function to make a dashed 
curve (i.e. linetype=2), there is no error, but the actual line type remains 
only solid in the generated plot. This is what I tried:
    Globalpdf <- ggplot() + geom_density(data=GEV[1:5,], mapping = 
aes(x=GLocation45),     color="black", size=3) + geom_density(data=GEV[16:20,], 
mapping = aes(x=GLocation45),     color="black", size=3, linetype=2) + 
geom_density(data=GEV[29:33,], mapping =     aes(x=GLocation45), 
color="blue",size=3) + geom_density(data=GEV[1:5,], mapping =     
aes(x=GLocation85), color="black", size=3) + geom_density(data=GEV[16:20,], 
mapping =     aes(x=GLocation85), color="black", size=3) + 
geom_density(data=GEV[29:33,], mapping =     aes(x=GLocation85), color="red", 
size=3) + geom_density(data=GEV[1:5,], mapping =     aes(x=GLocationco), 
color="green", size=3) + geom_density(data=GEV[16:20,], mapping =     
aes(x=GLocationco), color="green", size=3) + geom_density(data=GEV[29:33,], 
mapping =     aes(x=GLocationco), color="green", size=3) + xlab("One-day max 
(mm/day)") + ggtitle("Global")     + xlim(150, 300)+theme(plot.title = 
element_text(size=54))+     theme(axis.title=element_text(size=54)) + 
theme(axis.text=element_text(size=54)) +     theme(panel.background = 

Doing this correctly produces the series of pdf curves on the plot, as shown 
below, but the second black curve that I specified to appear as "dashed" 
remains as a solid black curve, rather than the desired dashed black curve. It 
is only that one that I require to appear as dashed. Is there a reason for this 
Any help with this would be greatly appreciated! 

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