At Sat, 15 Oct 2016 07:39:21 -0500, Vincent St-Amour wrote:
> Matthew:
> - Sierra support (distro-build @ 1acc02146b69ce25e70020d77b964c7d251147ca)
> - GTK3 fixes? (gui @ 6b2f4a72aebbd689add17b3fc3bc48a4cf287fa5)
> - faster hashing (racket @ 671adc0de2203df2a1ff6b112dca3942c699de1c)
> [...]
> - keyword expansion optimization (racket @ 
> 7bcc9afd4c4d752ce06d5602c6d227d80e0305e0 
> ad230d2ca09ee45002eaa1bea24a1e8ce933e3a9)

These seem too minor.

> - struct optimizations (racket @ 591fcb622859252a51702c8f357a888af13406a4 
> 95f6a2342b35f25b7cb50f8f57e28699ae4aa4f2 
> 9c94e5a8df48d965c0d31a3dc2c11fad71cf8a63 
> 3f4e7d90cb8c38429f3e1f23dc1240011aefd7fa 
> 6e4a4f4949863c7837f7fe4a210294d80f70fa64 
> 36548ea28979aaacbcb92d114030a8cdd2a786f9)

Maybe worth mentioning:

 * Optimizations in the bytecode compiler improve performance for
   structure operations.

> - `use-compiled-file-check` and `PLT_COMPILED_FILE_CHECK` (racket @ 
> fc345ed249c7393bce77b31f5f5812d487ef6958)

Probably worth mentioning, since it can help with a common annoyance:

 * The `PLT_COMPILED_FILE_CHECK` environment variable controls whether
   modify dates are checked on ".zo" files. Set the environment
   variable to "exists" to use a ".zo" file when it exists, independent
   of its modification date.

> Leif:
> - xrepl on by default (racket @ b1adf65fd0c3949d862f3e46aa869af8716e2615)

Besides the xrepl bullet, which I'll leave to Leif, maybe the
announcement should include a note on `racket/interactive`:

 * Racket requires `racket/interactive` on start-up in interactive
   mode, and the `racket/interactive` module is responsible for loading
   ".racketrc" as well as `xrepl`. See the docs on `racket/interactive`
   for more information.

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