On Sun, 16 Oct 2016 07:59:30 -0500,
Gustavo Massaccesi wrote:
> > 397d6041823497a639c09660eca2f0573a58c62e
> > 8bb79deaa21ebbaba544ec29c6702369a3b23035
> > f8b3ba8253b2b94e5f0b060bc256f651ba73dd48
> Are too minor or too internal.
> > d4158c2b04b71d193ab32e43396b62b865ec2df6
> > dce42313ad3dea250acd1de4c56161b3fd87eca1
> > e5e781c4ecffe5494d662e1a43ba3a5dcc2db887
> * The Racket optimizer detects more optimization opportunities,
>   including procedures that operate on lists, strings and byte strings.
> This is not an exact description, but it's close enough.
> Perhaps it should be redacted to be more similar to the bullet written
> by Mathew ("Optimizations in the bytecode compiler ...") because the
> changes are in the same step of the compilation.

How about combining the two bullets?

* Optimizations in the bytecode compiler improve performance for
  structure, list, string, and byte-string operations.


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