i have some progress on the markov machine that generate random sentences. i 
update here just in case.

the program that consumes text and then calculate the probability of the next 
word, given the current word is a markov machine of memory 1. memory 1 means 
that we input it one word and it generates the next word.

i try the markov machine with memory 2, and it generates better sentences. 
memory 2 means that it guesses what is the next word after two current words. 
memory 3 (it guesses what is the next word after 3 current words) is too much. 
usually it just retrieves a whole sentence from sample text. or i need bigger 
sample with longer sentences.

then i scan the text but backward. in this way i can tell the program to 
say-something-in-reverse. it can generate sentence from the end back to the 

why? because when i tell the program to (say-something-about "flower"), it will 
generate the rest of the sentence, from the keyword "flower" to the ending 
signal which is a dot ".". then it will generate the first part of the 
sentence, from the keyword "flower" back to the begining signal which is a 
space " ".

now, though i dont have a chatbot yet, i can have fun asking the program to 
respond vaguely to my whimsical inquiries.

> (say-something-about "you")
"  \"Are you a noise ."
> (say-something-about "earth")
"  There was himself, he was there, a whole earth ."
> (say-something-about "life")
"  He did not bear to have to keep his consciousness, he could relapse into 
life ."
> (say-something-about "neutrality")
"  He felt was merely impersonal, though a hot flash passed through his 
neutrality as the little uneasiness took pleasure ."

have a good day ^^,

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